Articles of Association


Articles of Association

Bylaws of the Association of Aluminum Producers in Iceland (SAMAL)

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    The Icelandic Association of Aluminum Producers (SAMAL) is an organization of Icelandic aluminum producers and their representatives vis-à-vis the public, the legal authorities, the media, the business community, the academic community, and other stakeholders.

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    All aluminum producers in Iceland are eligible for membership in SAMAL, as they fulfill the terms of these statutes. The founding members of SAMAL are three aluminum producers: Alcan in Iceland, Alcoa in Iceland, and Norðurál.

    SAMAL is a member of the Federation of Icelandic Industries (SI), and all members of SAMAL shall also be members of SI.

    If a member should decide to withdraw from the association, an announcement to that effect shall arrive at the SAMAL office no later than June 30. Resignation will then take effect at the beginning of the following calendar year.

    If the board of directors so decides,  SAMAL may participate in international organizations within the aluminum industry to guard the vested interests of its members, and to monitor innovations and development within the field.

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    SAMAL shall respond to advancements and the common projects of the aluminum industry, and find solutions to the benefit of the whole.

    SAMAL shall not represent individual aluminum producers when negotiating terms of business within the country.

    SAMAL shall take care to avoid dealing with any issues that could possibly violate competition laws or other laws and regulations.

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    The main concerns of the Icelandic Association of Aluminum Producers are:

    Common interests. SAMAL shall guard the common interests of its members in Iceland.

    Promotion. SAMAL shall guard the image and interests of aluminum production in Iceland. SAMAL shall also promote education and strengthen the flow of information to the general public, the legal authorities, and the business sector regarding issues and interests of the aluminum industry, which is among the most important business sectors in the country. SAMAL shall work towards increasing the education and professional development of employees and future employees of the aluminum industry, with the goal of putting Iceland at the forefront of education within the industry. In addition, SAMAL shall call attention to the innovation that stems from the aluminum industry, and to further stimulate the development of the industry and related operations.

    Environmental issues. SAMAL shall work towards developments in the field of sustainability and environmental protection. SAMAL shall also gather and mediate information regarding the uniqueness of the aluminum industry in Iceland concerning environmental issues. SAMAL shall maintain open communication with parties that deal with environmental issues, both institutions and NGOs, and to strengthen ideas for sustainability within the industry.

    Health and safety. SAMAL shall work to strengthen safety measures in the aluminum industry in Iceland and to increase employee awareness regarding health and safety in the workplace. SAMAL will also collaborate with the legal authorities and public institutions regarding education in the fields of health and health education.

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    The general manager shall attend to the day-to-day operations of SAMAL. He/she shall proceed in accordance with the board or other employees the board has appointed to consult and collaborate with him/her. The board of SAMAL will hire the general management. The office of SAMAL will be at the location of the Federation for Icelandic Industries in Reykjavík.

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    The board of SAMAL is comprised of three board members and three alternates, from each of the three aluminum companies in Iceland, respectively. The board members are the directors of the three companies, unless otherwise decided. The board members will alternate the chair each year. Decisions of the board shall be taken unanimously by the founding members. If the membership of SAMAL will increase, the structure of the board shall be revised.

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    A general meeting shall be held before the end of May each year. The general meeting is the highest authority in regards to SAMAL's affairs. The general meeting shall be announced in writing via postal mail or email at least 7 days in advance.

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    The operating costs of SAMAL are to be divided between the aluminum producers as follows: one-half of the cost will be divided equally among the companies. The other half shall be divided in proportion to the companies' production levels in tons.

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    A decision to dissolve the Association shall be taken in a general meeting or a regular association meeting which has been announced with at least 7 days' advance notice. A decision to this effect shall be approved by at least 2/3 of the votes. The meeting to make such a decision shall also make provisions for the disposition of property or payments of debts in accordance with laws of dissolution of organizations.

So approved on July 7th 2010.