Code of ethics


Samál code of ethics: Association of Aluminum Producers in Iceland

This code of ethics is intended to safeguard the reputation and credibility of Samál and its member companies. The code of ethics is valid for all employees of the association. Apart from this, the managing director and other employees of Samál shall also at all times respect and follow the codes of ethics of the member companies.


1. Human rights and general values:

a.         Samál employees should always have human rights as their guiding light in their work.

b.         We safeguard equal rights, whether on the basis of race, gender, nationality, religion, age, sexuality, or political opinion.

c.         Bullying is not tolerated.

d.         Sexual harassment is not tolerated.

e.         Coercion or threats are not tolerated within the workplace.


2. Health, safety, and environmental issues:

a.         Employees of Samál shall obey the health, safety, and environmental rules of its member companies within the workplace and shall adopt them in their work.

b.         Samál emphasizes accident prevention in the workplace.

c.         Samál endeavors to protect the health of its employees.

d.         The use of alcohol and illegal drugs is neither permitted during work nor allowed on the work site.


3. Business ethics:

a.         Sustainability and a responsibility towards the community are Samál's guiding light.

b.         Samál emphasizes honesty in all its operations. Employees shall at all times behave in accordance with the law and good ethics.

c.         Samál is an organized interest group of competitor companies. The association shall make sure that its operation does not violate competition laws at any given time.

d.        Samál shall not become involved in matters regarding purchases of its associated companies.

e.         In gathering data about the aluminum industry, Samál shall only publish information about the industry as a whole, unless the associated companies agree otherwise. The employees of Samál shall be careful not to distribute itemized information to its associated companies.

f.         Employees of Samál are not authorized to accept gifts, aside from small tokens or moderate hospitality, from the associated companies or other parties with which the association interacts.

g.         Employees of Samál are in general not authorized to hold other salaried positions, unless otherwise approved by the board of directors.

h.         The managing director of Samál is not authorized to be on the board of directors or part of the management of any company or association, unless he/she has formal approval from the chairman of the board.

i.          The managing director of Samál is not authorized to own a share in the associated companies, unless he/she has formal approval from the chairman of the board. Minor shares in registered companies are excepted from this rule.

j.          Fees for work performed by the managing director on behalf of Samál for a third party are the property of Samál.


4. Communication with legal authorities:

a.         Samál shall attend to all legitimate requests to provide legal authorities with information.

b.         All information that is given shall be given on time and to the best of the association's knowledge.

c.         Samál shall not issue policy-making statements without the consent of its associated companies.

d.         Samál shall not offer grants or support to political parties or political organizations of any kind.

e.         Direct payments to politicians or official employees are not authorized.

f.         Samál shall not take part in the work of political parties of any kind, nor shall it lend its name to such work under any circumstances. Employees of Samál are, however, allowed to give speeches at political meetings, on the condition that such speeches are intended to provide requested information regarding the aluminum industry.

g.         Neither Samál nor its employees are allowed to accept gifts from public officials or organizations.

h.         Samál employees are not forbidden to participate in political activities in their own name, outside working hours, apart from what is required in the employment contract. Employees shall be careful not to involve Samál's name in these activities.


5. Other communications:
a. All communications shall be characterized by honesty, transparency, and accuracy.

b. Representatives of Samál shall conduct themselves with integrity and shall be conscious of their responsibility.

c. Through its work, Samál shall provide regular and precise information regarding the aluminum industry in Iceland.

d. Bear in mind that international companies are members of the association. No policy-making statements can be made without prior consultation with members.

e. Samál does not hold or disseminate sensitive information regarding the finances of its member companies, or any other information which could violate laws or regulations regarding competition or privileged information